6 undiscovered movies that are bound to melt your heart!

There is nothing you can hate about these movies. One of the best things about them is, you never get tired or bored no matter how many times you watched them. It’s totally an entertaining ride . Simple stories portrayed in simplest manner with decent fun added for that perfect mix. In spite that, the weird part is they never are a part of our regular watch list.

So we bring for you the list of 6 one of a kind movies that will melt your heart. You can get that warm fuzzy feeling with our pick here. While some will get you rolling on the floor laughing, others will flood you with love! We bet you haven’t watched at least 3 movies that made our watch list below.

With its initial release in South Africa in 1980 to being the most commercially successful release in the history of South Africa’s film industry. This movie is an entertainment ride from the very first scene. It has a philosophical and brilliant analysis of the problems of humanity today. And shows the misuse of scientific advancement in an ignorant society and how scientific advancement in the hands of unprepared society leads to disasters with a slapstick comedy outlook.


A 2008 release from our favorite Studio Ghibli. If you are a fan of the Ghibli movies, there is a chance you already love this one! A innocent love story of a five-year-old boy and a young goldfish princess. Young Love – They will do everything to be together! A must watch! P.S : If this is your first Ghibli movie, then get ready for a new world. 🙂

Chaplin’s way of presenting slapstick comedy in an artistic form is something that’s never been done before 1936 and never after. Everything from facial expressions and music to set what kind of mood with each scenes. It makes you cry and smile and makes you understand how important it is to keep on trying even after failures. It leaves a warm feeling inside that can make anyone’s day. Even after 84 years, the movie deserves r

My second favorite love story is of these two buddies. This movie is sweet, and is filled with well portrayed emotions. The film script and directing are eloquently simple and direct and tackles difficult issues in a realistic and thoughtful way. Therefore expect that, it will hit you hard and will make you cry. P.S : This movie tore my heart to shreds.

Our Gang (1922) was a classic – A slapstick retelling of adult dating woes through the outlandish eyes of adult-ified kids. THE LITTLE RASCALS (1994) recaptures that essence and retains the fast-forward chase scenes and images that lovers of the original will remember fondly. Their star driver, Alfalfa is breaking the club’s first rule: “to be a he-man and hate women…” by wooing ‘Darla’ with his warbling songs. While on one side his friends are working on the plan to win the car race, on the other side Alfalfa tries to make a good impression against Donald Trump’s son (really!)

This 2005 movie may not boast an original bone in its body, but Cinderella Man delivers old-fashioned entertainment. Particularly worth seeing for Crowe’s towering turn. The main strengths of the movie is how well it recreates life in the great depression. It’s a heartening feel good real life fairy tale. There are instances in the movie which can really melt your heart. The scenes are so powerful, and seeing the transition from the roaring 20’s to the Great Depression was an amazing view of how quickly some people lost everything.

(Quick tip : All these six movies are rated 7+ on IMDB)

So there you go. The weekend is on the way, which means that you can get comfortable on the couch and pick a couple of good movies to enjoy from our watch list.

Leave us a comment if you have less than 3 recommendation from our list. We will be glad to know of it! 😊

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