8 Best Horror Movies to Watch if You Actually Like Getting The Heebie-Jeebies

Going for night shows to watch the latest horror movie with our friends is till-date the best plan we all have made. Unfortunately, this years ‘Friendship Day’ might get a bit nostalgic as we all are in the middle of a situation where social distancing is the rule we can’t break. Nevertheless, we can still get our ways to celebrate this special day and have some fun with our friends and family!

So, here are my 8 personal favorite scariest movies that’ll provide you the entertainment this Sunday and have enough fodder for your nightmares. Whether you’re in need of remembering those crazy nights with your friends or simply want to sit on that comfortable sofa and enjoy with your siblings with a giant tub of popcorn and arming yourself with a pillow for the gory scenes.

Read on…if you’re brave enough because this is not a typical-regular horror movie list:

With its release in 2017, to call ‘Get Out’ as the most important movie of that year, so far it makes it sound possibly rather worthy. This movie is a comment on a highly complex situation that’s also a total blast. Claims to be a ‘horror’ but it’s so much more than that. Once in awhile a movie comes along that takes a genre by the scruff of the neck and vigorously shakes it into a new shape. More than just a standard-issue thriller, this brutal, smart movie is impeccably made, as well as surprising, shocking, and funny, while also offering a compassionate, thoughtful look at race.

Hereditary is a new horror landmark that puts a unique face on things that go bump in the night. This 2018 movie raises the bar on emotional agony. If you want to see things you can never un-see and feel the pain you can never un-feel, here’s the ultimate test. This movie is surely a worthwhile watch for anyone who appreciates drama and horror and can’t do without jolts of adrenaline.

Whether you are an admirer of Jack Nicholson, Stephen King or Stanley Kubrick. This 1980 movie has got many undeniable reasons to be enjoyed. It guarantees to give you the chills and can make your own living room seem creepy and unfamiliar. This classic masterpiece is dark, disturbing, and ever questioning. We never really learn what happens at the end, just one scene that leaves the audience questioning and has left them asking those questions for 40 years. The Shining is terrifying in a psychological stance. It doesn’t jump out you but it screws with your head as if you’r going insane with the characters.

This first great apocalypse movie of the new millennium was released in 2002. 28 Days Later successfully takes the zombie genre to a new level, this movie is far more than just a horror flick. It is gritty, has a mysterious virus havoc, and breaks the mold and transcend to a new level in the zombie movie genre. There are some great characters, that you actually care about, some you’ll like, some you’ll be glad to see killed, but all solidly performed. If you like your horror flicks, then this is certainly worthy of your attention.

One of the most intense,crime‑supernatural thrillers I have ever witnessed!! Released in 2005 courtroom-drama-meets-horror flick dives into the divide between faith and doubt in telling the story of the demonic possession of a college girl. It’s not just a another horror movie, in this movie it actually shows us some of the real world possible effects that can happen in certain situations. This one is sure to scare.

Coming straight from Thailand this 2004 release is not just good, it’s fantastic, probably the most terrifying ride I had since I saw “In The Mouth Of Madness” a few years back. The movie grabs you by the hand from the first minute and never lets’s go until the end. The way horror is supposed to be.

The Cabin in the Woods is a spin on the horror genre from writer’s Joss Whedon and Drew Goddard. Without giving away the spoiler parts of the plot, I’ll simply say this 2011 release involves 5 friends who fit the horror movie stereotypes who go to a cabin in the woods to party and get away from it all. The Cabin In The Woods tells you upfront “You think you know the story…” but of course you don’t. This is Joss Whedon after all.

Writer/director Scott Derrickson has a touch for using old horror movie tools to create new scares, and he also incorporates several interesting themes into “Sinister”. This 2012 release is an effective chiller that’s got a skeleton or two in its closet. The movie is spooky and absorbs you in it. A must watch for horror flick lovers.

These movies are not only filled with thousands of scenes awaiting your screams, but they are also extremely engaging and entertaining. Let me know which one of these you picked for your night show. Enjoy 😎

Happy Friendship Day to you all!

P.S: The above-mentioned movies that made to this list have 7+ IMDB ratings and are uniquely gruesome, so pick them randomly.

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