A love that nobody could destroy

Sitting out smoking in the garden of your apartment, I whispered something in your ear, as it was a perverted thing to say. But I said it anyway, and it made you smile and look away. When we dance in my living room to your favorite ’90s R&B, and when we have a drink or three, it always ends in a hazy shower scene.

I want to line my walls with photographs you sent, of you showering with wet hair dripping. I want your love to come into me, feeling it slow, feeling it strong. Touch me with a kiss, feel me on your lips because this is where I want to be. And when you’re far away, I still feel it all, I still feel it all the same.

I love the way you say exactly what you mean. I miss kissing your face, kissing your head when you keep your arms around my neck. I dream all-day of showing you all the different ways I have, to make you scream, to make you laugh, and to make you glow!

Last night, lying on the bedsheet like a dirty magazine when I held you close to me, and you said, “All that I want is to be yours.” I want you to know, baby, I was meant to love you, and always keep you in my life. Ohh, baby, I was meant to love you, and I knew I loved you at first sight!

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