Adrenaline or Forever?

When we get older, plainer, saner, will you remember all the danger we came from? Burning into ashes from glowing coal, longing for the days of no surrender years ago. All I ever wanted was you. I’ll never get to heaven because I don’t know-how?

I still think about you every day, maybe two or three times, when I get carried away. I could never push rewind and erase, but at least I know now that it wasn’t a phase to me. Now that you’ve got what you wanted, now that you’ve got what you need babe, and if we’re gonna be honest – Tell me what’s left for me?

I tried to be the fire for you, tried to be the sun, tried to be your home, and the place that you come to. Babe, I took the whole world and put it in your hands. I’m really trying hard but I don’t understand.

Let’s raise a glass or two, to all the things I’ve lost on you. Tell me are they really lost on you. Just that you could cut me loose, after everything I’ve lost on you.

I told you to not treat my love like a habit, but you still went ahead and broke my heart. You still went ahead and two-timed my heart.

Wishing I could see the machinations, understand the toil of expectations in your mind. Sell me that you love me more than hate me, all the time. And here I am telling you’re still mine.

I do be sure I can’t say anymore, I just know that it won’t last forever. A state of mind collected like a slowly wound bouquet with memories of our favorite days and nights.

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  1. Anonymous

    Poetic !

    1. Shefalika Upadhyay

      Thank you 😍

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