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Post COVID situations have shone lights on all the drawbacks and loopholes of our system’s core. The most crucial amongst them being—Food. The food industry has seen tremendous change and innovation since cities are trying to come back to their normal routine. As hard it is to roam around and commute amidst a global pandemic, getting your hands on hygienic food produces free from toxins and viruses has been harder.

Entrepreneurs are known for their shrewd sense of problem-solving and one such meticulous entrepreneur is ‘Ms.Reena Jain’. She had a keen interest in solving new problems. Problems like infected food and a safer way to ensure food supply to everyone amidst the pandemic. We were intrigued by her business superGREENS Inc. and hence decided to shed some light on how her venture is a futuristic way of feeding the nation.

Here are some insights from the ‘superGREENS’ :

Can plants grow without soil? and how?


Yes, with the help of a hydroponic system with cocopeat blocks we can. Hydroponics is one type of Horticulture, which is a method of growing plants without soil, by using mineral solutions which are soaked by the cocopeat blocks for longer moisture retainment. This combination results in faster germination and clean produce.

One may ask, if this method she is using is organic or chemically treated to which she says, “it’s better than organic !” as all microgreens are grown indoors in a controlled environment hence it’s devoid of issues like a pest, pollution and viruses and hence, no use of pesticides on the foliage.

Moving further, since childhood we have studied that a plant requires light, air, and water to grow. While the latter two are evidently answered by the indoor hydroponics system.

What about the light requirement by the microgreens?

The sunlight is made up of 7 colors viz V.I.B.G.Y.O.R each having different wavelengths. In order for the plants to perform photosynthesis, it does not require all the wavelengths. Plants in the majority require blue and red wavelengths for healthy vegetative growth and root development.

Moreover, plants have different light requirements in different stages of development. Hence to assuage all these requirements, she uses grow lights having a combination of red and blue for faster and healthier produce.

Many studies from esteemed institutes also state that different light cycles and wavelengths can make major differences in the flavor of the plant. Reena too agrees with this observation and adds that the flavor is 40% better than the store-bought microgreens.

The process takes just 7-10 days from growing to consuming.

Supergreens is one of a kind new age business that aims to feed the planet in a more sustainable and clean way.

This unique venture is based in the business state Gujarat, in the Sanskari Nagri, Vadodara. The reviews from their customers are enough to sell us on, how great their produces are! If you’re in Baroda don’t miss out on something you’ve been missing all your life!

Fresh organic food!


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