Decoded : (M)usic and (E)motions

While every country in the world has it’s own language(s), there’s this one language we all can understand – the language of music. Music is the greatest creation of mankind, in the course of our history. It would not be wrong to say, that its creativity in the purest and undiluted form ever.

Music is an important part of our lives. It is a way of expressing our feelings as well as emotions. But here is the twist. We’re extremely selective not just about what music we listen to, but also about the moment when we do so.

To understand the reason behind this, we need to take note of a unique, but pivotal, fact about ourselves. We humans are highly emotional beings, but strikingly not all of our emotions make their way wholly and/or properly to the front of our conscious attention when they need to. They’re there, but only in a suppressed, muted, undeveloped manner.

One such not much expressed, latent yet common emotion we all feel is heartbreaks. At some point of our lives, we all go through the situation where we are not reciprocated with the love we give. We stock up the ingredients ranging from the raw matter for grief, sorrow and rejection. To all the errors we didn’t mean to make, to all the ways we’ve wasted our own best potential and didn’t value ourselves. These feelings don’t get sustained attention. Hence they continue being contained deep within, without getting an opportunity to develop into profound wisdom. They breathe in us as confused, weak signals.

” Couldn’t say you didn’t want me then when we were lying in my bed that night .

You were acting like a different person as if suddenly you wanted to just be friends

I was hurt & so I took a shower so you couldn’t hear me, knowing I had to cry .

Sad to know that while my heart was breaking you were sleeping or just faking…”

Touch, Cigarettes after Sex

Specific pieces of music give strength and support to our valuable but tentative emotional dispositions. The above stanza is from a song on my playlist. But one fine day it hit me like never before and made me pay greater attention to my own inner pain. I believe there was a feeling that existed inside me, buried by the pressure to be limited, guarded and reserved. The song pushed these feelings forward and gave them confidence. It provided the space in which they could grow.

” Like an amplifier with its signal, music doesn’t create emotion; it takes what is in there and makes it louder”. 

Music is the cure for noise which resides within and around us. By finding the right piece of music at the right time we end up feeling the emotions that are due. Given this comfort and relief, we can & we should take our emotions more seriously. No matter how small or unimportant they seem, give them a bigger place in our lives. It will calm us down and in the moment of happiness, it will give us bliss.

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