Exceptional requires Intentionality

Close your eyes, and think of your favorite sport. Think you are on that field. No matter who shouts from the audience, no matter what are they shouting, you don’t have even a second to spare to turn back and address or reply to them. There would be people in the audience shouting advice to help you win the game, some might be shouting to discourage you. There might also be people in the audience, who might sound like they are giving you the advice to win the game, but in reality, they are just trying to distract you so that you fail the game.

What do you do in such a situation? You don’t stop playing and listen to them? You keep your head straight and focus on your next best move that will help you win the game. It doesn’t matter whether you lose or win at the end of the game, all that matters is you give your best shot with all the information, knowledge, and experience you have got.

If you agree with me till this line then I want to ask you, Why do we forget to get this attitude into our daily lifes? Why do we hesitate in prioritizing ourselves when things around us become chaotic?

I myself have been hesitant in keeping myself above everyone, but it took me a while to understand that- “They are not in the ring. They are not the ones taking the punches. Who are we even kidding, they are not even in this game!” Then why do we need to focus on someone else’s opinions, words, or paths? Sooner or later you too will get this feeling, but getting this realization early will not only save you a lot of drama, time, and energy but will also be the wind that fans the flame in your belly and turn it into a wildfire!

I don’t think it serves any of us to pretend. The world needs your spark! Get in the habit of living as the best version of yourself so effortlessly that it becomes your new normal. Because, if not now, then when? Someday isn’t guaranteed. So stop waiting for someday, someday is a myth.

Your fear may be powerful, but there is no defining force greater in your life than your persistence.

You are saying me, till this date there was no such moment in your life where you felt stuck. A moment that made you believe that you are helpless, a moment that sucked up all your courage and confidence. A moment that made you believe that you can’t succeed and come out of this mess. If not then I am happy to see you blessed! But if you have been in a situation that made you feel weak, then remember how strongly you faced the hard stuff, dusted yourself, worked hard, never gave up, and came out of it like a winner!

Life is a game, your age is the level on which you are currently playing. Even if you fail, it only means you are still in the game and mastering the moves to triumph it.

Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom, and to love yourslef is the beginning of a lifelong romance.

Here are 5 powerful strategies that will help you become an exceptional winner of life:

  1. Throw out limiting opinions and expectations. (They are useless baggages, that will slow your pace.)
  2. Never be afraid to rebarnd yourself. (Like any game character, you too need to update and shed old data.)
  3. Find your crew thoughfully. (Be with people who lift you up, help you shine,and inspire you to live the best life possible. Get the toxicity out of your life!)
  4. Practice gratitude and self-compassion. (Love yourself unconditionally and unapologetically)
  5. Develop a growth mindset. (No one is made up of only strengths. Believe that there are no weaknesses, but only opportunities for improvement.)

Be proud of yourself, for being there for yourself. You deserve extra+extra credit than you are giving yourself right now.

Just focus on making yourself happy and satisfied, the world can wait!

This is Zootopia, and here you can be anything you wish!

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