Is this…?

Its all because of the details.Their kindness. Their eyes.Their smile.The fact that they can get you laugh so effortlessly. You start to notice the way their lips curve when they smile or the color of their eyes in the sun. Its the smallest things that stand out the most.Like someone staying up late to spend time with you!

The heart takes note of those little things….and they end up being what wins you over.

Their strangest addictions become beautiful.Their addictions become your own.You see it in their eyes, the way she smiles at you, the way he puts his hand on your waist like you belong to him,the way her face lights up when you speak, the way his voice changes when he says your name.

And at once you know you’re either lucky or screwed.

Liking them is when you’ve actually talked to him, started developing feelings for her.You start to really know her, you start liking him.Not really safe, you can fall in LOVE!

Anyways, “So, there’s this person….on my mind all day long!”

Did the above just made sense to you? If yes, then fella’s we are on the same journey.Let me know how is it going for you?

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  1. Swati

    I don’t have anyone special on my mind but yes this really made me smile. It’s LOVEly.

    1. Shefalika Upadhyay

      I am glad you liked it! 🙂

  2. Anonymous

    It’s one wonderful feeling yes no doubt about that❤️❤️❤️

    1. Shefalika Upadhyay

      ditto ❤️

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