It all begins with you and within you.

I know, the column above says – “Fashion.” But as Ralph Lauren says,

“Fashion is about something that comes from within you.”

Well here is the deal, you have to be ‘Presentable’ before you can be ‘Fashionable’.Say you have good interiors in your house, but will it do justice if you have broken windows, chapped walls and bad lighting. Will the costly furniture and abstract wall art do justice? I guess no, right?

You might have heard your friends say that they are attracted towards people who have beautiful hair, who smell good,or have soft supple lips.In fact you yourself might have a criteria of liking people who have well groomed hands and toes, who wear what suits their body type and not what is taken directly of the fashion runways.

In addition, we hear every blogger, every influencer or for that matter every second post on social media is talking about ‘Self-care’ and ‘Self-love’. Yes, what they say is true. I say like you need oxygen to survive on this planet, well you need ’self-love’ to survive in your body.Furthermore, unless you don’t care about something, you cannot love it, and here enters ‘self-care’.

Well, it’s easier said than done.But here is a secret, you need not spend your hard earned money on those extravagant products, rather with steady perseverance it can be developed in a lifestyle.You get that formula by heart and you can be your own fashionista.

Now, we might already know most of the rituals from below mentioned points but it’s high time we start doing it effortlessly. Since good things take time. All you gotta do is give yourself 30 mins everyday before going to bed. Now that totals to listening to your 6 favorite songs, and voila it’s a ritual you have there!

Here are the Self care steps that needs your loyalty rather than the money:

  1. Mind :
    • Embrace your uniqueness by identifying 1 quality of yours everyday (no matter how weird it seems to you)
    • Meditate for 5 mins every 2 days in a week for beginners.
    • Avoid using your cellphone for 15 minutes for starters and be idle. (Quick tip : Go and stand in your balcony for fresh air and watch your surroundings)
  2. Hair :
    • Wash your hair once a week strictly. (Quick tip : Try different hairstyles when your hair starts getting oily or frizzy after Wednesdays’.)
    • Brush your hair at least for 100 times/5 mins before sleeping everyday for good texture and hair growth.
    • Massage your hair for 5 mins by bending downwards for better blood circulation after you have oiled your hair.Also wash your hair in the same manner to stop broadening of your forehead.
  3. Face :
    • Wash your face with cold water for at least 1 minute in the morning and evening after getting home.
    • Gently massage your face with an ice cube for 2-3 minutes every day. You can do this in the morning or evening, whatever fits in your schedule.
    • Massage your face,neck and ears every night for 2 minutes, when you are moisturizing your skin. (Quick tip : Use 2 drops of coconut/almond oil to massage your face.
    • Use sunscreen everyday (in the morning at least) without fail.
    • Have minimal makeup on your face. Trust me you will love it once you let your skin be on its own.(Quick tip : For starters stop using foundation.Use blush and concealer if required, that will do the trick)
    • Scrub your face every 3 days and apply face mask every 2 days.
  4. Mouth :
    • Brush your teeth, twice a day. Also get in a habit of floss and mouth wash ever night.
    • Scrub your lips with your toothbrush to exfoliate whenever required.
  5. Body :
    • Scrub and moisturize your body from head to toe every weekend for starters.
    • Have a body massage once a month for healthy skin.
    • Drink as much water as you can, and make sure you pee accordingly.(because if you don’t that means your body is still dehydrated.)
  6. Nails :
    • Give yourself minimum 1 hour on weekend to groom yourself.

” P.S: The above ritual is tried and tested, and works for every gender with any skin type. So, lets start the pampering!”

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