Magic in the air.
Glorifying their religions, fighting for power,
While the rivers run dry and the forests ablaze.
What good will come, if there is nowhere to rule,
When the forests perish, the rivers devoured.
Fighting for thirst and crying for breath,
Where will their religion stand?

How much more shall perish before their senses awaken?
The fire stops and lakes rekindle,
The real fight begins,
And power becomes trivial.
Birds and animals, trees and rivers,
Living and flourishing together,
No religion, no gods, and maybe no humans,
That is the life that feels utopian.

Finding life away and endangering our own,
They prophesize what God said, while he looks and laughs,
What he gave to nurture, was gobbled up by their lust.

We never were the first and neither will be last,
Nature can blow us in a single blast.
Enjoy the breeze as long as we can,
‘Cos, if they continue feigning nescience,
The green and the blue may become the past,
There is still magic in the air, savor it as long as it lasts.

written by – Yogesh Mehta

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    Ausm rhyme

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