‘Mother Nature’ to ‘Mother India’

One of my childhood memories is this one afternoon, when my parents were watching bollywoods’ classic movie “Mother India”, while me and my sister were playing in front of the television. In the last and final scene of the movie, the mother shoots her son and he dies. 

I explicitly remember this moment, because me and my sister were startled by the sound of the gun shot. I was confused! I asked my mother why she shot her own son? And she said, he was acting selfish and was harming all the good people. After being tired of explaining him for so many times, that was the only option left with her.Though it was hard and painful for her, but that was the best she could do to make things right in the village.

Today, after being in quarantine for the past 7 days, this memory hit me. I strongly believe that, ‘Mother Nature’ is in the same position. The only difference is, its planet ‘Earth’ instead of that ‘village’ that is suffering. We humans have been taking advantage of her for a very long time. We have squeezed out every element of nature. Forget ‘pollution’ we have brought the Earth to a state of extinction. 

We humans from childhood expect, rather demand to get something in return to every action of ours.Then why did we forget this rule when it came to ‘Mother Nature’?

Well guess what humans, it’s payback time! And it was long due!

Everyone and everything has a tolerance threshold, and for Mother Nature we humans have crossed the line. All the natural disasters happening since last one year have been intense. From the wildfires of Amazon, Australia, California to the floods of USA, India. From the typhoon in Africa, Japan, China to Heatwaves in India and Japan. Well these are just a handful mentions. For, we have a recent comeback from Mother Nature, ‘Coronavirus’.

Nobody knows what caused the virus.  And in this time when we are advanced and got expertise in every field, we have not been able to find the cure of this deadly virus since December 2019 when it first surfaced.

I guess that is what happens, when we take advantage of the selfless source which provides us with a good life and good times. Nonetheless, we have always been taught to learn from our mistakes. Let’s take this as a learning and become good and selfless human beings just like ‘Mother Nature’.

I believe, if Mother Nature could put her feelings in words, she would remind us that the time for reflection is now. For what it’s worth lets acknowledge the blessings we have and make things right.

In Allen Ginsberg words, “It’s never too late to do nothing at all.”

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  1. Tejas Shah

    With what is going around the world and the nature, its the indicator the human kind should take as an alert and start to be more sensitive and responsible towards the society, nature, mankind and the wildlife. Enough of just taking, Now its time to start sharing because what you sow is what you’ll reap.
    Good work Shefalika.

  2. Yogesh Mehta

    This is exactly the way I feel. We have played too long with Mother Earth and destroyed our planet.

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