Russia Edition: Look Book for Saint Petersburg and Moscow

Smooth out the packing process with these essential, travel-friendly clothes which will boost your fashion game with no fuzz for your trip to Russia. Slip it on for breezy mornings to find coffee or when you’re standing at blustery viewpoints.

However, if you’d like to be perceived and treated in a particular way, then pay attention to the way you dress. You may attract unwanted attention if you wear clothing that’s inappropriate for the local culture. Observe what people are wearing around you and these tips should help point you in the right direction before you arrive.

  1. Always check the weather forecast before your trip.
  2. You can focus on creating a travel capsule wardrobe like I did here. Have a couple of these staple pieces – Tops, Mini dress, Denim jacket, cotton pants, little black dress, skirt, Sweaters, Pullovers.
  3. Jeans are always popular here and, teamed with lighter layers for the summer and warmer ones for the winter, will serve as a versatile base to your wardrobe.
  4. If you’ll be staying out all day into the evening, wearing layers is key. Pack a shawl or a cardigan or a denim jacket (in my case) for romantic walks next to the Moscow River. Layers help you adjust to the changing weather.
  5. I wouldn’t recommend wearing flip flops, bright makeup, or see-through clothes. It’s a good idea not to show cleavage while you are in the country, unless you have a layer.
  6. Choose understated jewelry instead of flashier pieces.
  7. If you’re intending to see as many sites as possible during your trip (and there are a lot to see) you’ll be doing a good deal of walking – so be sure to pack some comfortable walking shoes. And suggest you save your high heels for the evenings.
  8. If you are planning to visit an Orthodox Church be sure to cover your head with a scarf, and cover up bare arms and legs.
  9. One tip for guys – Simple is Sharp!

Pro tip: Apply sun protection wherever you go!

Here are some pictures from my trip to Russia. Enjoy! And let me know what you’re looking forward to the most. 🙂

Keep your phone handy for photos and your wallet safely tucked away.

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  1. Shubham Upadhyay

    Beautifully put ! Sweet simple and sharp !

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      Glad you liked it! 💛

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