Secret heartstoppers!

Yes, you can call me lover boy, and you can be my lover girl. I will pick you up, drive you around, we’ll be the talk of all the town. I will throw my heart around you, show you how to fall in love. Something in my highs whenever you’re near, I can hear you whisper, singing songs of rubies. You can tell me lies, I can read your heart. Everybody knows now that you’ve got me mesmerized, something I can’t escape.

I like your fit tonight, and you pull it off just right. I fell for you hard, I am going to call this destiny and make you fall in love with me. Honestly, I don’t care what we do, just make sure it’s us two. Let’s kill the lights, baby, close your eyes, and let me tell you all the things we could do when nobody is around.

I must confess, I’ve been painting us and the picture makes me blush, it’s my imagination at its best. I could put us on an island, I could put us in a mansion, I could put us in a back seat. Well, lately you’re anywhere I want you to be. We made out at the beach pier, stayed out until ‘3. Drinking whiskey with ice and smoke good weed and stargaze in the backseat till sunrise.

Though I feel helpless, I’m just thinking out loud, seeing you in different dresses and guessing. If we’re about to go with love or lessons. Let’s wish for the best that it’s meant to be because…

I just met a girl, she is unusual.

And, she knows damn well it should be me. Trust me when I say, we are roses made to bloom.

Well, I guess what I am saying is, I irrevocably love you!

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