Seven dwarfs, for your hobby shelf!

We have for you seven – new, fun, adventurous list of dwarf ideas which can turn out to be an amazing hobby for you. A hobby to which you can go back to relax and phase out. Find your dwarf idea here! Well lets just say you will find at least one here.

  1. Sketching : It is a fun way to walk down the memory lane to our childhood days. All you need is a pencil and a paper. Just sketch it out the moment, the thoughts or leave it to your imagination!
  2. Coloring : Get a coloring book, or draw something and color it yourself. Coloring is found to be therapeutic and helps in calming us. If you ever wanted to try meditation, you can try this instead.
  3. Photography : You do not require a DSLR to start, go ahead with your phone camera. Appreciate and celebrate the surroundings around you. If you have those old cameras of your parents, grab them. Film just hits differently, plus there is excitement in waiting for them to come after being developed.
  4. Writing : We are not talking about keeping journals. Practice writing one thought a day in your notebook. Eventually you will start writing what matters to you.
  5. Gardening : For starters, get one or two saplings. Before that see where you will plant them in the house. Since gardening is addictive, if everything goes good you would have a beautiful garden of your own.
  6. Origami : Get on to your YouTube account and find interesting origami tutorial videos. You can start with notebook paper then move to craft paper.
  7. Reading : The cliché and an old recommendation. But I believe you need not read library books to call yourself a reader. If you are busy researching about a new trip, country, topic or reading about what’s going on in the world of Marvel or human beings. Well then you are already a reader to me. For Fun : Get your hands on to the nearest book you can reach and turn to page number as that of your birth date. (A great tip to select books to buy from a book store.)

Go, try it out! Let us know which one you got! Lastly, It does not cost much and the essentials are easily available. So, you would be too lazy of a person to give excuses to try it out.

P.S : We rolled out cooking from the list because, let’s face it we all have tried our hands on it since we got into this pandemic.

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