What you heal in yourself, you heal in your family line

Most family systems exhibit some dysfunction somewhere. It's up to us to change the 'Generational narratives'. Studying your family tree can enable you to free yourself from inherited patterns that no longer serve you. Your ancestors and descendants celebrate every time you do the work. Wherever life plants you, bloom with grace. Be the person who breaks the cycle. Remember to be gentle with yourself. Laugh and be unshakable!

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We are almost 4 months into this work from home life, it has become the new normal in 2020 and isn't easy. Juggling your housework and office work is an enormous task. Besides the housework, your family life can also take a toll if you are available for work calls 24X7. You need to define your office working hours. Evenings are for some exclusive “me-time” and “family time”. Set into a work-life balance, and stick to it. Read more to know how to get out of boredom and depression in this lockdown.


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