Stoicism outlook when Tigers come to tea

Addressing the Stoicism approach, the way to find calm is not to insist that bad things don’t happen. They can and do happen all the time – maybe not exactly in the way that we always imagine them. In other words, picture the worst, push your worries to their limits and see what you might have left: it might not be pretty, but it might – in its way – be OK.

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Things we’ve always wondered about but never understood

Many of us are wandering the earth, accomplished in many ways, capable of fulfillment at points, but with a fundamental wound that stops us from becoming who we might be: we don’t quite know who we are. It isn’t, of course, that we can’t remember the basics of our biographies. We’re unsure around two things in particular: we don’t have a stable sense of what we are worth, and we don’t have a secure hold on our own values or judgments. Read along to know the underrated but the strongest quality one can have effortlessly.

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We are almost 4 months into this work from home life, it has become the new normal in 2020 and isn't easy. Juggling your housework and office work is an enormous task. Besides the housework, your family life can also take a toll if you are available for work calls 24X7. You need to define your office working hours. Evenings are for some exclusive “me-time” and “family time”. Set into a work-life balance, and stick to it. Read more to know how to get out of boredom and depression in this lockdown.


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