Catch my heart, go swim!

Life is too short to fall for people who don't love you loudly, or for relationships that don't set fire to your soul. Our time on this earth is impermanent and in those years we must love fearlessly.

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Different colors of freedom!

On the occasion of completing 73 years of Independence, we bring you an unsung story that is much older than our days of freedom and yet it unapologetically celebrates the colors of standing for oneself and keeping one's own life and their freedom on priority. By bluntly owning the accountability and responsibility of our choices and actions rather than being a victim, it proves that freedom is a state of mind that can never be taken from an individual. This story stands the test of time and proves that even after centuries of its existence - with a clear conscience and self-confidence one can free themselves of various shackles of life.

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Be my lover, every night

The most exciting thing about a new relationship isn’t so much that it’s them. It’s that it’s new. What is so exciting is the possibility to touch and hold someone who isn’t entirely within our reach, someone who is independent and free to walk away from us – and yet miraculously is choosing not to do so.

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Why do some flings burn hotter?

It’s not a sin to remember the heat and the fun of flings and brief encounters. But if you find your mind continuously landing on a particular person or steamy time with them, then it may be time to evaluate this feeling. Seeing the complexity of the human mind and heart, there is a lot that meets the eye.

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I will gladly break my heart for you

Mind you, we are talking about love and not successful love. For love should be tasted by everyone once, to know what kind of addiction it is. There is very less chance that anyone in the world is yet to rub shoulders with the cupid. Its a warm, fuzzy feeling which your heart adores and keeps it close no matter how impractical it sounds.

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Is this…?

Its all because of the details.Their kindness. Their eyes.Their smile.The fact that they can get you laugh so effortlessly. You start to notice the way their lips curve…

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