When your skin doesn’t care about your Skincare

When your skin stops responding to all that trouble you are going through to keep it flawless. That’s when you have to stop bothering it and start listening to it. Imagine yourself wearing ten layers of clothes and it’s hard for you to breathe. That is the same suffocation the skin feels with all those layers of makeup or other routines. Let it breathe. Let it be it on its own.

I have genetically good skin. I have nobody in my family who had issues with pimples. But then around in my later teen years, I started having some serious acne issues. I was confused and like any other teenager started curing them with different products. It took me four years to finally accept my skin and leave it with its own ‘peace’.

I will tell you what worked for me. Actually what my parents told me to do. 😅

Follow this image and see, where is that you are getting the pimples, or getting them repetitively.
  1. The first thing that I did was understand my skin. Now, its really simple and works for everyone. Listen to what your skin is trying to tell you. Follow the above image and see, where is that you are getting the pimples, or getting them repetitively.
  2. Once you know the organ. Create a trail. Now, if I get a breakout near my jawline, for me its an indication I might have been smoking up more, and it’s affecting my lungs. If I breakout above my eyebrows that means I am taking a lot of stress, and my heart needs to relax soon, and so on. You get the point. So, understand which organ needs attention.
  3. Then whatever it is that caused the breakout, you take care of it.
  4. Get out of the delusion that few things should not be eaten. It’s not correct. Eat everything that makes you happy- that’s the only rule. No food causes pimple. (Special shout out to aachar/pickles😍)
  5. Make sure you flush out all the toxins from your body. Drinking a glass of milk before sleeping at night and have 2-3 glasses of plain water in the morning the first thing. That will do the trick.
  6. Drink four bottles of water in a day. Spreading it out is the key (Morning-Afternoon-Evening-Night).
  7. Wash your face 15 times, twice a day.
  8. Apply natural oil or an antiseptic cream (Boroplus/Borolin) to moisturize your skin.
  9. Give a quick massage to your face and neck while applying the oil or the cream.
  10. Use natural facemask, face scrubs. Use besan (gram flour) for it, if nothing.

These 10 steps are for everyone. Taking care of your body and skin is every individual’s chore. Give it a try and see the difference yourself.

These simple ancestral tips cure the hardest breakouts and the toughest marks. Trust me! I do each one of these steps every day. Always remember there was a time before these all products came, and people were happy in their own skin. I am reaching that peace!

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